Postcard 10-Pack
Postcard 10-Pack Postcard 10-Pack Postcard 10-Pack

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Postcard 10-Pack

For sending snail mail. 

What does Be Honest Stay True mean to us? It means not taking shortcuts – ever. Yes organic ingredients are much more expensive than conventional, yes it takes extra time and effort to source thoughtfully and build relationships, yes it takes time, energy (money) to use techniques that our great great great grandmothers developed. But we don’t take the short & easy road. We believe in making the right decision and listening to our call. We believe in caring for the soil, the mountains, the rivers, the deserts, the wild animals that have been here longer than us – we believe in the people who produce the beautiful community we exist in. We give our profits to the organizations who are helping these causes. We take care of our employees; our family – those who share the passion to walk this life with meaning and purpose. We listen to what fills our heart, are honest to ourselves and others and we honor our path. We believe in honesty and truth. And finally, we believe that if you are going to make caramel sauce, and sell caramel sauce, it had better darn well be caramel. Sugar caramelizes at 340 degrees fahrenheit. We love to make true caramel, dry-burned, the old-school way.


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All orders that include our Molten Chocolate Cakes must ship 2-day, because they are a frozen product. This is why the shipping may seem higher than normal- but it will be worth it! These orders ship out on Wednesdays ONLY, on ice packs, from our kitchen in Seattle. Orders must be placed by 11:59pm PST on Tuesdays to be shipped that Wednesday, otherwise they will ship the following week. Unless you are going to consume your cakes immediately upon arrival, they need to be returned to the freezer until you are ready to enjoy them.

We offer FLAT RATE shipping by state, as follows:

Orders containing molten cakes:

WA, ID, MT, OR - $35

AZ, CA, NV, UT, WY - $40

AK, HI - $60

Everywhere else  - $50

Orders NOT containing molten cakes: 

WA, OR, ID, MT - $15

CA, NV, UT, WY, AZ - $20

HI, AK - $45

Everywhere else - $30