Chocolate cake living its best life. The deeply chocolatey, warm, baked to order, gooey in the middle, cakey on the outside version of chocolate cake.

You may also know of molten cake by one of its many other names: lava cake, molten lava cake, chocolate lave cake… all calling homage to the melted chocolate center that gives way once the cakey crust is broken. Many recipes use a ganache piped into the center, but ours is cake batter through and through. Our recipe, of just chocolate, sugar, and eggs, is naturally free of dairy and gluten. A recipe created not for the sake of being free form either, but a recipe that just doesn’t need either (please note, our milk chocolate cakes and others with additions may contain dairy, and our vegan cake contains a different ingredient list). 

In our restaurant, the cakes are baked to order, and are served with one of our house-made dry-burned caramels, ice cream and always a crunchy, chewy bit on top. We are deeply inspired by the wilderness of our homeland, the PNW, and find ways to bring the wilderness into our cake flavors.

We still lovingly offer the OG take & bakes in our restaurants, which are sold in packs of two. The take & bakes are your ticket to having the best freshly baked dessert in the comfort of your home or out in the wilderness (you can even bake these cakes on a campfire!).